Green Restaurant Supplies at FRS Charleston

Last month we told you about our corporate-wide initiative to be more energy efficient (read post). Our Charleston location is also emphasizing “green” products in their showroom. Whether it be the straws or hand dryers that you choose for your restaurant, one positive change at a time can make a big impact.

World Centric® compostable straws made from Ingeo™

Compostable Straws

FRS Charleston now stocks cases of World Centric® compostable straws made from Ingeo™, which is derived from plants grown in the USA. Instead of using petroleum-based plastic which create toxicity and environmental pollution, you can now use our compostable, eco-friendly alternative!

  • Best used for beverages below 110F
  • Should be stored below 110F and away from heat, hot surfaces, and direct sunlight
  • Items have an expected shelf life of 4-6 months

If you aren't familiar with the movement of Strawless Ocean, check out They are spearheading a global initiative to remove 500 million plastic straws from the U.S. waste stream in 2017. Protecting our waterways is near and dear to our hearts, so we love being able to supply marine-friendly alternatives to plastic straws.

HSEE Hand Dryers

Alpine Dryer 400-10

Today’s HSEE (high speed energy efficient) hand dryers boast 10-15 second dry times and use up to 90% less electricity than those traditional models from your childhood. 10 seconds is also the average time that it takes a person to dry his/her hands with paper towels, so hand dryers today have closed the gap. When compared to paper towel dispensers, HSEE hand dryers today can produce considerable savings. Consider the following usage data (your consumption and cost might vary):

  • Number of cases of paper towel used annually: 10
  • Cost per case delivered (include freight and tax): $40.00
  • Number of towels per case: 4000
  • Total paper towel costs per year: $400.00
  • Handling cost (50% of item cost - generating requisitions, purchase orders, receiving, storing, servicing, collecting and disposing of used towels): $200.00

Using the same information, consider the savings generated by HSEE hand dryers:

  • Number of paper towels used annually: 40,000
  • Number of hand dryings annually (40,000 divided by 2.5 towels per dry): 16,000
  • Hours of hand dryer usage (based on number of dryings above): 67
  • Cost of electricity per hour (1.5 KW x .20): $0.30

The total operating costs for paper towels and hand dryers are very different. Paper towels conservatively cost in excess of 90% more than HSEE hand dryers. We stock 2 models of Alpine HSEE hand dryers...

Please contact our Charleston showroom with questions and to request more green supplies. We also encourage Charleston area restaurants to support local businesses which can supply other green solutions...