Environment-friendly Paper Straws Now Available at All FRS Locations

In 2017 we told you about our corporate-wide initiative to be more energy efficient (read post). The FRS team believes that one positive change at a time can make a big impact, so we are excited to announce the addition of environment-friendly paper straws at all four of our locations. Whether it be the straws or hand dryers that you choose for your restaurant, we are striving to make “green” products readily available at our showrooms throughout the Carolinas.

If you aren't familiar with the movement of Strawless Ocean, check out strawlessocean.org. They are spearheading a global initiative to remove plastic straws from the U.S. waste stream. Protecting our waterways is near and dear to our hearts, so we love being able to supply marine-friendly alternatives to plastic straws.

Paper Straw Options


Because one size does not fit all, we offer two standard lengths of paper straws, 7.25” and 10”. We offer both solid black and black & white striped straws. They are sold by a bag of 500, and we have both wrapped and unwrapped.

7.75" long straws are the sipping standard. These straws are one of the most common lengths and the variety of diameters provide many serving options. The narrow diameter straws are the standard for fountain drinks, while the wider diameter straws work well for milkshakes and bubble teas.

10" long straws are for tall teas or blended beverages. The added length of these straws will allow you to sell larger, more profitable drinks. The wider 8mm opening assists the customer with better pull through of even the thickest malts and smoothies.

FAQs About Paper Straws

Are they safe to use with food? Yes. Our straws are all FDA, EU and CA Proposition 65 compliant.

Are they straws biodegradable? Yes. Our straws are safe for you and the environment. They are made of paper and a food grade adhesive that will break down quickly in a compost, marine, or landfill environment

Are they coated with beeswax? No. We use an eco-friendly wax adhesive that is both FDA, EU and CA Proposition 65 compliant.

How long do they last when in use? They are designed to be single use, but your paper straws will last up to

4 hours before getting soggy - far beyond the typical length of a meal service.

Are they gluten, gmo and bpa free? Yes, Yes & Yes. All of our paper straws are free of gluten, gmo or bpa.

Can they be used in hot beverages? No. Although all of the components are food safe, for best performance, we

recommend using the straws for cold beverages only.

Are custom straws an option? Yes. Custom designs available, lead times may vary.

Contact Your Local Showroom

We encourage you to give paper straws a try at your restaurant and see what your customers think. Contact your local showroom today with any questions or to place an order.