FRS Asheville's Third Annual Veteran’s Tree


FRS Asheville has launched their third annual gift drive. They are inviting staff members, customers and the surrounding community to “adopt” a Veteran from the Charles George VA (CGVA) Medical Hospice or Long Term Care Center. These individuals are coping with very difficult circumstances, and a small holiday gift can be of great comfort to them.

By sponsoring the Veteran's Tree the past couple of years, FRS Asheville facilitated the logistics of supplying gifts to 62 Veterans, thanks to the outpouring of community support. FRS customers went above and beyond by providing not only the gifts but also freshly baked treats and wreaths and even visits with CGVA patients and their attending medical staff. 

If you live or work in the Asheville area, please take a moment to learn more about how you can contribute to this worthy cause…

Giving to the Charles George VA Medical Hospice & Long Term Care Center

  1. Pick an Ornament. Select an ornament from the Veterans’ Tree located in the FRS Asheville showroom, or email Laura Oliver ( for gift suggestions.
  2. Purchase the requested gift. Comfort items such as warm hats, socks, CD’s, games and/or other holiday treats will also be accepted.
  3. Drop off your gift(s) at the FRS Asheville showroom on or before 5 pm on Wednesday, December 20th.

The FRS Asheville team looks forward to delivering this gifts on December 21st! Please email for details.


Photos from our 2016 Veteran's Tree